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Face Mask Wristband
Handy Band Face Mask Wristband Bracelet


face mask

Face Mask to Bracelet

A patent pending wristband that conveniently converts to face masks using a simple fold. Move forward and keep it Handy Band.

Keep it simple. Keep it Handy Band.

Wear your Handy Band as a wristband, and it's there when you need it to be a face mask.

Our simple folding system helps protect the interior of your mask during wrist wear.

meet ouR
new mask!

An eco-friendly Handy Band, made of 100% cotton and plant based buttons that are naturally crafted from corozo nuts. These reusable masks are designed and made in the USA. A portion of each mask purchase will be donated to environmental nonprofits. #moveforward #giveback


Available soon in sizes small and large!

Stay tuned!

Eco Friendly Face Mask
Handy Band
Environmentally friendly face mask

OUR mission:
to move forward

We are a family run business that is focused on how we can move forward during the pandemic and beyond. This includes supporting the environment, our communities and our wellbeing. We're committed to moving forward with intention towards a better future.


Learn more about what we're up to.



"Having worn these throughout the pandemic from NYC to LA, I can say that this is the most convenient, best looking face mask on the market. I still have my first one. Easy on and off, hard to forget. Handy Bands are the best mask for any occassion. 


"I love my Handy Band Face Mask because having it on my wrist makes it super convenient to use and I never loose it! Plus they are super easy to wash with the rest of my clothes!


"I love my Handy Band Face Masks! Not only do they have fun colors, but the buttons make it so simple to wrap around your wrist so that your mask is secure and convenient. Also, they are very breathable. It’s the only mask I’ll wear to my spin class!

Donate to Nonprofits


We donate a portion of mask profits to mental health and environmental nonprofits.

Massachusetts Company


We are a Massachusetts based company.

Eco Friendly Materials


Our company is committed to using environmentally friendly materials moving forward.

Reach out if you are interested in bulk orders, custom masks, partnerships or licensing.