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Handy Band Face Mask Wristband Bracelet Happy Simple

SIMPLIFY your day

Patent pending wristbands that convert to face masks. Move forward and keep it Handy Band. 

Handy Band Face Mask Wristband Errands
Handy Band Face Mask Hastle Free Activities Work Out Exercise
Handy Band Face Mask Bracelet Dining
Handy Band Face Mask Customize Logo Slogan

You have things to do, places to go and people to see.


Keep your focus on creating your better normal. Wear your Handy Band as a wristband, and it's there if you need it to be a face mask. Keep it simple. Keep it Handy Band.


Folding Guide

Handy Band Face Mask Easy Bracelet Fold

1. Fold 

Fold mask in half lengthwise, keeping buttons on the exterior. Repeat depending on fit. 

Handy Band Face Mask Bracelet Fold

2. Wrap 

Wrap the band around your wrist with the buttons facing up and the interior of your mask unexposed. 

Handy Band Fold Guide Bracelet Wristband

3. Secure 

Secure each loop around either button depending on comfort.


And you're done!

We recommend disinfecting wrist/hands when handling your face mask. More information can be found on product pages.

We are committed to our community by donating a portion of mask profits to mental health initiatives and non-profits. 


Visit our Contact page if you are interested in bulk orders, partnerships or licensing. You can also email us at handyband@wolfrockdesign.com using the icon below.






NEW  Customize your Handy Band Face Masks with a logo or slogan!