Handy Band Face Mask™ is the latest product from the team at Wolf Rock Design, a family business based in Massachusetts. With rising COVID-19 concerns across the world, working together to slow the spread of the virus is of the utmost importance. Our new normal will rely on every person doing their part to contribute to the health and safety of our communities by wearing face masks when appropriate.


The Handy Band Face Mask™ provides a new design feature that allows for fashion, function and practicality. Our face mask converts to a wristband so it’s conveniently at your fingertips when you are out and about. With a Handy Band Face Mask™, there will always be a handy place to keep your face mask when not in use. You won't leave home without it.


It is important to us that a portion of face mask profits goes toward helping global causes, including mental health awareness and the protection of our planet and its wildlife.

Now available for retail, licensing, and custom orders, the Handy Band Face Mask™ is your friendly tool for our new normal. We currently only ship within the USA at this time. 

We are committed to our community by donating a portion of mask profits to non-profit organizations.