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Dine with Handy Band

Mask on, mask off! Dining is one of the activities that is part of the hybrid-mask experience. Wear your mask to your table and take it off to store once you're at your seat.

So where do you keep your mask when you’re sitting at your table? The CDC recommends storing your mask in a clean spot, such as a purse, pocket or a paper bag. It’s important that the interior of your mask stays unexposed and untouched. The problem is, it can be hard to find a clean spot in your purse and pockets because you store things like your cellphone and keys in the same place. And what if you don’t have a purse or pocket?

Insert Handy Band! Wear it as a mask to your seat and fold it into a wristband when mask wear isn't required. Our simple design allows you to create a tight fold so that the interior of your mask can be unexposed. It makes for a seamless experience so you can enjoy appropriate activities, whether it's a restaurant down the street or a cafe in another country. The best part about Handy Band is.... it's handy and there for you when you need it. Handy Band helps you move forward during the pandemic so you can enjoy activities you love.

Have you checked out the CDC website for up to date use and care guidelines of all your face masks? We highly recommend doing so! Check out their mask page here.


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