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Support the Earth

We have chosen to support SeaLegacy and The Carbon Underground through purchases. 5% of mask profits from our new Cotton Corozo masks will be donated to these groups - blue thread to SeaLegacy and green thread to The Carbon Underground. We believe these two nonprofits are helping create a better future for our planet. Now when you wear your Handy Band, you are not only advocating for the health of you and your community, you are also contributing to the health of our planet.

Humans have been communicating through the power of visual storytelling for thousands of years. SeaLegacy uses this extraordinary tool to amplify the impact of ocean initiatives across the globe. Through the combination of their experience in conservation, photography and communications, they help bring visual aid to those in need of expanding their voice. They lead expeditions, run campaigns and partner with organizations, individuals and policy makers. They are also able to directly support groups and communities in need through Only One.

Dark Ocean


Green Farm

The Carbon Underground

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The Carbon Underground focuses on soil's important role in mitigating, and possibly reversing, the threat of excess carbon in our atmosphere. They create tools, alliances, and opportunities for soil restoration and regenerative agriculture. We have partnered with Adopt-A-Meter, a program created by The Carbon Underground to reverse climate change. When you purchase a Handy Band, a portion of our profits will go towards funding the restoration of degraded soil, which will help draw down legacy carbon from the atmosphere.

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